Vernon Bryant’s official website displays a variety of antique, classic and folk art decoys. This side also includes a section of classic makers including the workings of Madision Mitchell, Sam T. Barnes, John Graham and many branded birds. Vernon makes a variety of common birds such as mallards and canvasbacks and an assortment of irregular works such as pelicans, herons and the infamous hinge neck birds.

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Best Sellers
Maryland Crab LargeBlue or Red Crabs are available in 3 sizes 3+ Feet at $375 - Large can not ship 2+ Feet at $275 - Medium can not ship 1+ Feet at $175 - Small can ship
$ 375.00
Whales LargeApproximately 36"
$ 250.00


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Madison Mitchell Goose 1/3 Size S&D  Signed & Dated 1980 1/3 Sized
$ 400.00
Daddy R.F. McGaw Canvasback   RARE Drake
$ 275.00
R. Madison Mitchell Mallard Pair  Signed & Dated 1981  
$ 500.00
Taylor Boyd High Head Canvasback  Late 1800's Perryville, MD
$ 700.00
R.F. McGaw Redhead  Havre de Grace, MD
$ 175.00
Thomas Barnard Canvasback  Havre de Grace, MD
$ 350.00
Thomas Barnard Hen Canvasback  Havre de Grace, MD
$ 350.00
Capt. Dick Simpers Branded I. HeislerBranded I. Heisler
$ 600.00